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10 reasons why…

Posted by on september 3, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

Hey everyone, I get a lot of messages saying: “my parents wont let me go to your show” and “It’s to far away my parents wont let me go”. Soooo I’ve got 10 reasons for you to tell your parents why they should come to my show! :D:P so here they are.. 10 reason´s why your parents should let you come to my show.

1. Because music is part of your cultural education.

2. Because my songs are in English and can help you with your English class in school.

3. Because you will learn to socialize at my shows with other members of the Jeronimofamily.

4. Because you will have a stress release, which everybody knows it good to let go of your stress every once in a while.

5. Because it´s fun! And having fun is scientifically proven to be healthy for you!

6. Because music helps us process past events and our feelings.

7. Because travelling makes us adventurous people, and being adventurous helps us take necessary risks in the future.

8. Because,.. because! ;)

9. It’ll be more fun for your parents than to hear you nag about how badly you wanna come to my show!

10. Because love makes all right,.. and music is love… and love is fun,.. and fun is (mostly me…)

Bottomline…. If these don’t work than I’m gonna have to find different reasons!