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10 ways: to know you´re eating to much sugar

Posted by on september 5, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

Sooooo,… here is the deal.. you and I have an serious problem.. sugar…
That oke by talking about.. what? you dont have a problem? you sure?
Well i think.. no,.. well yeah but i think you do have a problem!!!
So i’ve listed 10 ways to discover if you’re just as much in love with sugar as I am!
1. You are constantly hyper
2. People tell you, you eat too much sugar
3. All your teeth start rotting
4. When you´re thinking you’re not eating too much (like you’re doing right now)
6. When you have trouble focussing on just one thing
5. When you switch numbers like I just did
7. When you start blogging about sugar
8. When you compare colors to candy,.. skittles… not thats a color, but they are colored!
(just making a point here..)
9. When the gifts you get are mostly sugar based..
10. when you have a secret stash,…(just so you know.. chocolate,.. jup, that’s sugar too!)

Let me know how many you got and which ones!
Leave a comment below!!!