Queensday 2012

Posted in: Blog on mei 1, 2012

Hello!!!!   How are you all? I wanted to tell you about a very special day, i like to call it: YESTERDAY! Yesterday it was Queensday and we celebrated the previous queen’s birthday! People were selling junk to each other on the streets, pot’s and pan’s, hairbrushes, magazines, cartoon magazines ect. People we’re selling home made food and drinks (on the streets!) I didn’t go and do that, noooo i went to were the music was! (okay, after eating a hambuger…hmmm ok 2! 2 hamburgers!) I entered the heart of Amsterdam, Prinsengracht, Leidseplein, leidsestraat, rembrandplein, museumplein, heinekenplein, weteringcircuit…..! all these places probably won’t mean a lot to you but just […]

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