Please help

Posted in: Blog on april 29, 2013

Something’s my team and I just CANNOT do, in those cases we need help! And whenever we need help we go to the people we trust the most! ofcourse I’m talking about you! PLEASE go to Kids top 20 and vote for my Flying Solo! And yes it would be awesome if you’d ask your friends to vote for me aswell! That way we can make it to #1 in the charts together we can make it happen! THANK you so much!

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Dinner & twitter

Posted in: Blog on april 28, 2013

Weekend is great isn’t it? What have you done so far?! I’ve spend my saturday evening with my mom, she cooked me vegetarian meal.. mom if you’re reading this.. let’s order take out in the future! haha I still love you though! Its a bit cold though! Anyway you have probably noticed the new website by now.. so if there is anything you wish to tell me.. feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the screen! and yes you can still tweet me everything you want! Isn’t funny to just browse your timeline and start replying randomly? I’m sorry but sometimes some of you post the most […]

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Jermaine Jackson

Posted in: Blog on april 26, 2013

I’m so sorry for not posting anything new last days! But i was on the road as I didn’t even Internet connection I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been up to! Well, you could have know if you follow me on twitter lol! Anyway, Tuesday night I did a tv show called Brabant Toppers and I performed flying solo for the very first time! And I revealed the second surprise that night by doing so! As I mentioned I am not flying solo on flying Solo! Jermaine Jackson sings with me on the track! JERMAINE JACKSON!!!!! Jermaine and Charly (my manager) are good friends and during Jermaine’s stay in Maastricht […]

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Posted in: Blog on april 20, 2013

HEY EVERYONE!!!! Y’all are getting FREE CARS!!! no i’m kidding.. who needs a car right?! I’m TALKING BIGGER.. MUCH BIGGER! you each get your own airport!!!!! ok,.. -____- ” now that wasn’t even funny! lol i’m not Oprah..! Even though i have the color for it haha.. unfortunately not the wallet! Anyway the real surprise I was telling you about.. well.. no wait.. to be honest with you.. there are 2 suprises, but i am not allowed to spill the second one just yet! (for someone who hates secrets and surprises i’m pretty good with coming up with em right haha, the irony) anyway the surprise i amm allowed to […]

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ehhh… right

Posted in: Blog on april 19, 2013

First of all, thank you so much for all your loving comments about my new song Flying Solo acoustic! It means the world to me! Anyway, so was browsing through the web right.. and i passed this video right… And i was like.. huh.. and i ended up on the ground trying to gasp for air! CAUTION: These idiots know what humor is! So make sure you are not eating… (put that sandwich down!!!! now!) No drinking ( nana nananaaaa no drinks during the clip!) And no distractions…. (MOMMMMM GO AWAYYYYYYY!!!!) [youtube][/youtube] Tell me what you think,.. here on the comment box below Oh and than another thing..Tomorrow i will […]

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