Review flying solo(acoustic) + Fading memories

Posted in: Blog on mei 28, 2013

I for one am quite delighted at the swift return of Jeronimo. He’s barely exhausted his very fine indeed debut album of singles and yet here he is with a brand new track that will thrill his growing army of loyal followers and no doubt win him new admirers along the way…

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Fading memories

Posted in: Blog on mei 26, 2013

love can be so beautiful but works in so many stranges ways..

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Fading memories

Posted in: Blog on mei 22, 2013

Hi everyone, I told you Flying solo would be released along with an other song of mine, one that i’ve written myself. It’s called fading memories and it’s about someone who got hurt in a past relationship. I think almost everyone has been in the situation where your partner wants you to change aspects of, not only what you do, but parts of your personality. and sometimes people tend to do this without any thinking of what the consequences might be to you. you’re getting insecure about, maybe, your body, your personality, you way of thinking.. and than someone else comes along.. someone who does think you perfect, beautiful, smart […]

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Mystery Guest Revealed

Posted in: Blog on mei 21, 2013

Mystery guest revealed

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eurovision songfestival 2013

Posted in: Blog on mei 19, 2013

For the first time in 9 years The Netherlands (my home country) qualified it’s self to the finals of the eurovision songfestival 2013! Beautiful Anouk sung her very personal and touching song Birds, represtenting us and making it to the final top 10! I don’t think we have ever been so proud, in the last 9 year, on an artist represting our country as we were last night! Anyway we didn’t win we became 9th, which for us is still great! But my congratulations to Denmark for winning this years contest! my respect to Loreen former winner of the ESF and lots of thanks to petra Mede and Lynda woodruff. […]

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