Mothers day

Posted in: Blog on mei 13, 2013

so yesterday was mother’s day,…!!! what did you give your mom as a present for being the coolest? unfortunately for me my mom and I were not together, she was back at her place in france! i did give her a call though! but figured it did not mean as much as i wanted it to! so here goes what i really wanted to say: Dear mom, Thank you so much for being who you are even though, at times, you can me crazier than me! You’re always there to help out and make my life so much easier by just being a mom! You’re funny, helpful, crazy, irritating(sometimes.. sorry […]

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back again with a surprise

Posted in: Blog on mei 10, 2013

wanna know about the release date of flying solo and the EXTRA track?
click here to read all about it!

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my sunday

Posted in: Blog on mei 6, 2013

today i went out with my mother and sister and her kids! yup! i’m an uncle of two beautiful kids one boy and one girl! they are the sweetest little things running the surface… i’m supposed to say so since i’m there uncle but there also two kids who have a mind own their own which, btw, i love! unfortunately my nephew fell down the stairs… big bloody mess and i had to pick him up! he started to cuddle me and cry real hard when i picked him up! just to be clear i was away of the stairs when he fell! this was the first time he tried […]

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Dancing Dawn

Posted in: Blog on mei 3, 2013

Hi everyone! I’ve been send a video of Dawn who made a little choreography to my new song flying solo! I am so proud! So ofcourse I wanted & needed to share this with you! Personally,  I think it’s really cool what she did and girl you got moves! haha [youtube][/youtube] Dawn Dancing to Flying solo ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^click on the link above^^ Anyway it would be really cool to her if you’d comment on her video! Jeronimofamily always supports each other right?! if you made something for me, a dance, a cover be sure to tell me in anyway you like (twitter, facebook or here below) and to Dawn i’d […]

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kids top 20

Posted in: Blog on mei 3, 2013

This is more for Dutch and Belgium fans to remind em that you can Vote for me on the website of so by high exception i’m writing this in dutch! don’t worry i’ll be throwing english words around before you know it! Hey lieve mensen! Vergeet niet dat je dagelijks op mij kan stemmen op de website van de kids top 20, En je bent al helemaal een rocker als je ook nog eens mij je gouden ster geeft! Vergeet niet dat je me kan volgen op twitter en op facebook! en je kan een berichtje achter laten hier op mijn website..!!!! hoe? nou heel simpel hieronder zie […]

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