Lyrics: Flying solo

Posted in: Blog on mei 2, 2013

The official Lyrics of Jeronimo’s new song Flying solo ft. Jermaine Jackson.

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Queensday 2013

Posted in: Blog on mei 1, 2013

After 33 years our Queen Beatrix decided to resign from her Throne duties. This, she did, on the biggest national party┬┤s, Queensday. Everybody goes out on the street, dances, makes fun and we celibrate our Queens birthday. Anyway as so many watched the abdication of the queen, so did I, weird calling her a princess now. But since i was on the street i watched the king Make his oath In the `nieuwe kerk` in Amsterdam on big screens. So on one day, we have the biggest party in the Netherlands and everyone is dressed in orange (the national color), We have the Abdication of, now known as, Princes Beatrix, […]

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