Posted in: Blog on juni 14, 2013

Yes, Another morning waking up with a HUGE smile on my face,…! Thanks to Demi & Jasmin, I love it when people make something specially for me! It makes me so proud!

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Fading Memories Lyrics

Posted in: Blog on juni 10, 2013

The official lyrics to Fading Memories

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Oosterhout & Goirle

Posted in: Blog on juni 9, 2013

I havent been in touch with you in a while,.. well with some of you.. I was performing! Lol I had so much fun in Oosterhout, people were screaming so freakishly loud! I had nooooo idea a couple of hundred voices could produce such noise! Even I had to cover my ears.. Anyway what made the show extra amazing is it ended with about 100 kids on stage with me dancing & singing along to `I am no superman` can you imagen what that looks like? let alone, how it feels like.. it’s undescribable! Afterwards me and some fans went out for a drink and had so much fun talking […]

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Posted in: Blog on juni 3, 2013

ik deelde toevallig mijn kleedkamer met de boygroep; “BBrave” een naam die je zeker moet gaan onthouden…

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