When i’m gone (cups)!

Posted in: Blog on augustus 28, 2013

My newest video has just been released on youtube: when i’m gone (cups) !

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love makes all right lyric

Posted in: Blog on augustus 20, 2013

the official lyrics of: “Love makes all right” here!

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myfizzypop – LMAR review

Posted in: Blog on augustus 19, 2013

Myfizzypop wrote about my new song: Love Makes all right!

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Posted in: Blog on augustus 14, 2013

Tomorrow morning I will shoot a new video, I am really excited! It’s going to be so much fun, we will be shooting outdoors in Amsterdam. Fun part is, some of my friends will be in it too! I will let you know as soon as possible when it will be online for you to watch! I know, another “secret” filled blog! I can’t help myself! :Pas soon as i can say more i will let you know! Love, Jeronimo

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love will rule the world

Posted in: Blog on augustus 5, 2013

Think of life as an everlasting rollercoaster,.. you go up and up and up and up and suddenly… dadadadummmm… it goes down.. and FAST!

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