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a little thank you to you

Posted by on augustus 9, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  


Hello my lovely fireflies, my supermen & supergirls…


I guess what I’m trying to say is: HELLOO JERONIMO FAMILY!


I hope all of you are well, Imma little busy right now, recording in the studio, that’s why I hadn’t had the time to do a Twitcam session.
But I promise you I’ll do my best to do a session real soon.
and I hope you don’t mind me taking the time to thank you all!

  • For the support y’all give me
  • The volume you scream at during my performances
  • For the many loving, creative, original and funny tweets you tweet me
  • The comments on my videos
  • The messages on Facebook,…
  • The online voting
  • and a million other things..!!!!

But the thing I love the most is,… we started up with almost nothing and look where we are now?!
2 dutch movies will be released in October in the theatres here in the Netherlands,
Cartoon Network Asia started to promote me and I got to sing and co-write the ‘it’s a fun thing’ theme song for them,
I’m singing the title track for the musical ‘de Sprookjesboom’,

and my album, one kiss, has been released!


I couldn’t have done all this if it hadn’t been for your believe in me!


You all are the best, most beautiful, funniest, and don’t forget, LOUDEST people I know!


I cannot wait to meet every single one of you and take funny pictures and sing together and throw a little party!


I love y’all!