Biography Jeronimo DaSilva


Born in Brazil, the singer-songwriter, was adopted as an infant by a Dutch family. But when he was only 10, his parents divorced, and he relocated to exotic Sri Lanka with his mum and sister. There, he learned English — fast! — while listening to a neverending soundtracks of Josh Groban and other artists.

Within two years, the standout student was back in Holland and being invited to choose for himself where to enroll next. “Basically,” he recalls, “I picked ‘High School Musical.’” In other words, he attended the sort of academy that offsets its math and science classes with acting and dance instruction.

A few short years later, Jeronimo’s drama coach informed him that the famous Dutch writer Carry Slee was holding auditions for her second film, “Timboektoe.” Drawn to the rush of the tryout more than the prospect of being cast, he went — and booked his first movie role!

It wasn’t his last either, in 2012 he played the role of ‘Marty’ in ‘MVID: The Battle’ and did the Dutch voice of ‘Hippix’ in ‘Asterix & Obelix bij de Britten’.


In 2011 he released the single ‘I am no Superman’, which became his first hit in The Netherlands and was released in many countries around the world. Many singles followed, some of them collaborations with other artists like Dutch fellow teen star Alessandro or American legend Jermaine Jackson.


Slowly he started to write more and more songs himself. His latest single ‘So Right’, a duet with 18 year old M’lissa shows that he is a gifted singer-songwriter.