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Adele fan!

Posted by on februari 16, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Wow what a day!
I decided this early afternoon i wanted to go out on my skate’s.
I didn’t care the pavements were still wet or the amount of wind outside!
I didn’t care it was cold and i didn’t care my cellphone was almost dead! (well the battery..)

Boy did i care later on!
I after a hour i got lost, wauw.. and i was tired cause my rollerskates were way to tight!
Wrong shoe(rollerskate) size or whatever!
Anyway as you can see i got home!
And found the mail man delivering my ordered dvd’s.

So now i’m watching a dvd i was dying to see!
I’m talking about Adele live in the Royal Albert Hall in London!

Wauw,.. I got to say i liked adele before but after seeing this DVD I love her…
No serious i think i’ll marry her.. or propose to her anyway!

Lol, this was pretty much what i wanted to tell you!