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Annes Vlaamse 10

Posted by on april 22, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

My life is like a roller coaster right now! From 100 to 0 and back to 100!
After the video shoot for “I Am No Superman,” which had us working for 16 hours a day, I got a few days off!!!
I wasn’t all that happy about it, though! I wished the shoot could have gone on and on and on and on and on…

But rescue was on the way, because before I knew, we hit the road (Charly, Stay-C, Patrick and myself)
to do my very first TV show, for “Anne’s Vlaamse 10″ IN BELGIUM!!!!!!!
When we arrived and did our rehearsal, I was all sweaty and nervous! :P
Stay-C, on the other hand, was really calm and helping me out by giving me advice.
(He must have done thousands of these shows all over the world!)

After we had our rehearsal, it was time for us to get some food!!!! YEAH!!!!
But again, I made a mess of the situation!
We we’re having kebabs, but I was the only one eating it with garlic sauce!!!!
I think they could smell me from a mile away! EWWW!!!
Always nice to smell bad when you have to go up on stage or do interviews! (Poor reporters!)
Luckily, Charly managed to get me a toothbrush and stuff to get rid of the smell!
If it werent for him, I’d probably have smelled on screen… (Trust me, the smell was that strong!)

When the time came, we got our clothes on for our performance, and I ran into Kate Ryan!
She’s one of the biggest stars in Belgium and had a long string of hits.
Stay-C was right behind me, laughing his head off because I was too shy to talk to her.
Eventually, I found the nerve to walk up to her and ask for a picture… I mean, come ON! She’s beautiful!

Anyway, picture taken, me happy, Stay-C happy, manager announcing we had to go on stage!
And those four minutes were incredible!
Adrenaline took over every fiber of my body, and I could not get the smile off my face! I had a blast!

After the show, it was the other way around — I couldn’t believe it!
I had made fans!!!!! Now they came up to ask for a picture with me…
even if I could sign their arms!!! Haha! So I did my first arm-signing!!
How cool am I?!! :P lol

Anyway, I’m back at the hotel, and everyone has already left for the buffet!
So I’m sorry, but I need FOOOOOD!!!!

Love and peace to all you dreamers out there!