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back again with a surprise

Posted by on mei 10, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

so as you may have noticed i have not been posting anything new for the last couple of days!
It’s because i’m working on the release of Flying solo ft. Jermaine Jackson.
But i will also release a new song along with it.
remember me telling you about how many song i’ve written in the last year..?
(if you don’t remember i have written about 80 songs myself)
And I figured it’s time for me to release my very own song as well!
I must add, I’m a bit nervouse about your reaction since it’s the first song i’ve written all by myself.
anyway I hope you’ll like it, both of the songs will be released in about two weeks,.. WORLD WIDE!!!
When i have a precise date i will inform you about it,.. but trust me it’s not gonna be long!
I will also try to tell you more about the other song in my next blog ;)
so stay checking up on me!

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