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Birthday gifts

Posted by on februari 13, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs  

on the 11th of February, a couple of days ago i did i show in Liempde.
It was Carnaval so everybody was dressed up (except for me,.. i forgot!)
It was so nice to see so many familiar faces again, rocking out and singing
along to my songs!
Y’all are the best! there is no way to make me feel more special than that..
atleast that’s what i thought.  After I ended my show,  Charly (my manager)
came on stage and started talking about a few fans who prepared a suprise for me!
15 girls came up stage, started singing their personalized lyrics to: “firefly”.
I was soo proud, touched, happy and everything!
After that insanely awesome gift I went backstage to grab somethings and got back to the hall.
Started signing autographs and making pictures as ussual until i started getting birthday presents!
best gifts ever, a buddah, teddy pigs, cars, chocolate, hearted pillows and much much more!
But one of the gifts that was given to me is something i will always cherish!
People from all over the world wrote in this book!

Birthday gift 1Birthday gift 3Birthday gift 2

Thanks everyone for all your birthday wishes and helping making this gift!
Kimberly             Azfa           Elien   
Azna                  Charlene    Cindy          
Sarah                 Michelle     Melanie
Stay-c                Leona       Doenja               
Sandra               Naomi       Dhylia
Priscilla               Marijke       Eva
sandy                 Laura        Marleen
Laura                 Charlene     Melissa
Tamara & Samantha             Tyana     
Matthias Lens      Jessy       Chelsea
justine               Cheryl     Naduah
Sanne                Amber      Martijn
Michelle              Alies      Laura Uitdewillige
Savanna             Liesbeth   Kirsten
Angela               Sophie     Lemay
Melissa               Linsday    Heleen
Carola                Britney    Kim 
Annelie              Dj Stonedog
Maren stoffels     Jodessy    Ian Thomas           
Messalina            Kelly      Cindy
Yannick Bovy      Carine    Amber v. Wezel
Kindjes van Sloeberstad

and last, but definetely not least the girl who thought of making this and
got everyone together and pulled it off..
As i said, i am so proud of this gift!
and thanks everyone for the birthday tweets, messages on facebook emails
and other gifts you’ve send me!
i love you all to pieces!

Jeronimofamily rulezzzz! haha!