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Blankenberge (18-07-2011)

Posted by on juli 19, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hey everyone!

Yesterdays performance was great! 3,5 thousand people, 3,5 thousand smiling faces!

it had been raining the whole day just untill we started the show!
It wasn’t a clear sky but atleast it was dry!
Thank you for dancing & singing along with me!
You all made me feel like a true Superman!!!!

this picture has been taken on a very funny moment!
You all started screaming my name!
haha, did you see the size of my smile?!
It was huge!!! :D:D

i’ve been signing autographs for more than an hour and i’m very sorry if i missed anybody!
But don’t you worry! :D i’ll be back in two weeks and we will make a cool picture too!!!

Thank you all so much for partying with me!, and i’ll see you all (hopefully) in 2 weeks!!!!!
(Can’t wait!!)