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I decided to make this a very long blog but still very interesting! (See how I avoided the opening line there? How clever am I! Okay, maybe not SO clever, because now I have to make this interesting, like I promised… )
Let me cut right through the cheese… or, um, to the chase. (Clearly, I should’ve stayed in school!)
A lot has happened. (Doesn’t it always?) As some of you know, I’ve applied to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. How does that work? It’s very simple, to be honest. I’ll explain the whole thing…
Next week… stay tuned to find out more abou… Oookay. Charly (my manager) tells me I have to tell you right now! He’s such a party pooper… didn’t even give me candy when he said it! I feel… I feel…
Charly: Jeronimo, get to the point!

Okay, so:

1. Well, you start off by applying for the ESC.
2. Then you hope to get picked to be in the pre-selection — which is hard, ’cause only six acts will get that opportunity. (Yikes!)
3. If chosen, do the pre-selection. (Your country votes on who gets to go to represent them during the REAL contest. Yikes again!)
4. The act that gets chosen goes and does the show and hopes they make it far!
And that’s pretty much how it works. I’d say I did a good job explaining it! What about you?
So I applied (oh, I said that already), and now I’m hoping… No, I’m praying they at least let me do the pre-selection! You never know — would be cool, right?! So, good — now the news is out!!!

I also did a TV show. Well, I did several, but this one was extra fun! The Kids Top 20 in Putten… wait, what? I already told you this… ? Hmm… See? I tell you too much!

Then no TV talk for you. What about radio? Ha — I’m definitely sure I didn’t tell you about this! Radio nh invited me to be on their live radio show. But this wasn’t the usual radio show as we know it! This one was on a street market in Weesp! It was great — I got to perform on their show twice, one time with “I Am No Superman,” the second time with “Somebody Who Loves Me.”
300.000 listeners! :P If they don’t know me by know… :P lol!
Anyway, it was great. Some of my fans came out to see me, and Jan and Alies from Emmen gave me a very special gift! Does anyone know the famous Memory game? About 60 pictures (in this case of me) in pairs, so the game is to find two identical pictures. The one who gets the most matches wins! I suck at it… even though it’s my face on it!
And last night I went to the movie premiere of “Body Language” which was really great! I rock the red carpet, by the way! :P Nah, I’m kidding… still not used to people screaming my name. “Jeronimo, this camera! No, THIS camera… ” like there is any chance for you to see any of those cameras because of the flashes! I went blind! “Jeronimo here! Hi Jeronimo… ” Must say it’s cool to hear your name at a red carpet! :P lol!
Enough about me — back to the movie!
Did you know it’s the FIRST DUTCH DANCE FILM?! That’s pretty cool, writing history here as if it’s a daily comment! I’m excited, too — slowly but surely, I’m starting to realize I’ve been a part of it… not in the making of the movie, ’cause i didn’t do anything. But I was a part of the premier… so yeah! I talk too much! Anyway, the film was great! Amazing dancers and a cool story! If you haven’t seen it, be sure to do so!
Well, that was pretty much all I had to tell you about. I’m sorry for it being this long! More info next time!