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Whew! Sorry it took me since Saturday to write this blog! But I THINK (hope!) you’ll understand. I’ve been pretty occupied!
“With what?” you ask.
Ha — GOTCHA! This is the first blog you read, right?! Poor you! Now you have to go back and read all the previous blogs I wrote! Haha! Actually, that could take awhile! Maybe you’d better just stick to this one, and I’ll tell you what you missed!
In a word: Bobbejaanland!!!!!
It was crazy! First off, I met the two girls who won the contest in Joepie, which, if you don’t know, is a magazine in Belgium, and we got to spend the whole day together going on rides and stuff! Pretty cool! :)
But what’s more, I learned something very important: It’s now official that my fans are THE LOUDEST!!! Hands down!
I was making jokes with ‘em while I was on stage, and at some point, something happened… See for yourself!

These girls made this for me and unwrapped it during my show!

You all are awesome! :D It means the world to me, and yes, I’m keeping it! :D
I mean, yes, I still love getting teddy bears and candy! (Who doesn’t?!) But this is special, right?! So I needed to share it with you! :D
After the show, I signed autographs for like an hour — NON-STOP! And I got to meet Van Velzen, Belle Perez…
That reminds me, I need to post those picture asap!
What was I saying? Oh yes! My fans are LOUD!!! During the show, people were singing along to my lyrics! :D Loudly! :D I loved it! What can I say? I love my fans, and I’ll always try to give all of you as much attention as I possibly can! (After all, without you, where would I be? I’d be singing “I Am No Superman” to my rubber duckie in the shower, and he never gets the lyrics right!)
Seriously, though, what you’re giving me is so special, and I just want to thank you all for believing in me! I’m going to do my best to prove that you are right to believe!
In my book, you’re all Supermen and Supergirls!