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Dancing Dawn

Posted by on mei 3, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

Hi everyone!

I’ve been send a video of Dawn who made a little choreography to my new song flying solo!

I am so proud!

So ofcourse I wanted & needed to share this with you!
Personally,  I think it’s really cool what she did and girl you got moves! haha


Dawn Dancing to Flying solo


^^click on the link above^^

Anyway it would be really cool to her if you’d comment on her video!
Jeronimofamily always supports each other right?!
if you made something for me, a dance, a cover be sure to tell me in anyway you like (twitter, facebook or here below)

and to Dawn i’d like to say:
Thank you soooo freaking much for making this for me!
It takes courage to a. record it and b. post it online for everyone to see! and c. to send it to me!
Keep on dancing, you’re really good at it and i can see the joy on your face while doing it!