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Doenja Ft. Stay-C video

Posted by on februari 15, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

As some of you know i’ve been asked to do an appearance in a music video.
Not just any video,.. But the Doenja ft. Stay-C music Video!
they made a summer feel video in a beach house surrounded by snow!
Trust me when I say that’s an achievement,.. and even though i haven’t seen any footage yet..
I am pretttyyy sure it’s going to be awesome..!

Ok but what am I doing in the video?
Well Doenja and Stay-C had just the right job for me…
they made me the DJ to their party,.. don’t believe me? (click on the photo’s to see more)


check Doenja’s page too!  (click on the picture)

I’ll be making sure that when the video is done i’ll post it here on my website for you 2 see!