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All part in BOLT are in dutch

I’m still alive yes i am! in case anyone was having doubts!
I am still right where i’m supposed to be!! :D
Today i wanted to show you some stuff fan’s made for me!
Stuff that i am more than proud of!

ik wou met jullie wat leuke dingen delen die fans voor mij gemaakt hebben! :D
Harstikke bedankt ik ben er apentrots op en wil het iedereen laten zien!!!

This is one, Jodie made this! (i told her i was really proud of it! so once again thank you so much!!! :D )
something funny: we’re all wearing white! haha (We dragen allemaal wit, haha grappig he?!)

These next picture are the schoolbooks of Naomi! haha, thank you for sending me the pictures Naomi! :D
(Dit zijn de schoolboeken van naomi!)

(het volgende zijn wat coole filmpjes!! :D)

The next thing i wanted to show you is a video Emily Marina made for me! i think it’s awesome! :D
It made me smile that’s for sure! :P just click on the link below!

I told you it was cool! :D but you’re going to enjoy the next one just as much! :D they did something with the color’s,…
I have no idea how that works… :S but it looks cool so i’m not gonna ask any questions!
It’s been made by Yvette & Esther! have fun watching it!


I just wanted to give you a taste of how spoiled i am!! :D If you’ve have made something aswell be sure to give it to me! :D
Ik wou jullie alleen laten zien hoe verwend ik ben!! :D & als jij iets gemaakt hebt en het me wil laten zien doen!!! :D