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It’s been a while !

Posted by on december 10, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Wow! It’s really been a while since I blogged! Sorry about that!
Is everyone doing well? It’s almost Christmas (in case you hadn’t noticed)! It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year, along with autumn and summer and spring and…
Did I forget any? ;)
Anyway, what have all of you been up to?
I’ve been really busy, doing a lot of TV shows and live performances! The last one I did was recorded at the amusement park “De Efteling” in Holland.
Why am I mentioning this?
Well, first of all, how cool is it to be shooting at an amusement park? And second of all, after I got attacked backstage with make-up, it was time for me to perform. So I went out on stage, and there was a live audience, and man, those kids where like hyper!
And I don’t mean “We’re having a good time” hyper — this was way wilder —  like, “I had candy, and boing boing boing, am I ever having a good time!” hyper!
So while I sang my song, they sang and danced along with me. Then, I did a little interview, and the kids said the sweetest things to me! :) It means a lot to me, you know, when people tell me they like me or my music! So THANK YOU! (And I hope the crash from the sugar rush wasn’t too bad. Haha.)
Anyway, hopefully, they’ll have me back soon, when I release my next single into the world!
(At least these are the things I hope you think when you read that preceding sentence. Haha.)
So, what am I talking about?
Well, a lot of you have been asking why I’ve been so quiet lately, and that’s because we are working really hard on a song! I cannot tell you the exact release date, because I’m not even quite sure when it will be finished yet!
But please keep checking this website, ’cause this is the place where I’ll be posting all the news, updates and any fun stuff in between!
At very least, I hope to have some new pictures up soon!
Probably, some of you have noticed that my hair is very, very, super-duper extremely, insanely, terribly long right now!
Why am I telling you this?
Nobody knows — even me! I just felt like it! Makes me more Latin, right? Am I right? Huh? Come ON! I’m from Brazil, for crying out loud…
Oh, you didn’t know? I shouldn’t be so secretive. Haha. Kidding. It’s in my bio.
Which reminds me, don’t forget to check out all the pages, blogs and pictures here on the website! There’s a lotta good stuff (I hope)! Some of my pictures even make ME laugh, they’re silly!
Okay, I think I’m delirious. Wish me luck on the new song, and until next time…

Much love,