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Jeronimo at War Child première in Tilburg

Posted by on juni 12, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Today has been a crazy day !

I was invited by the War Child organisation to witness the première of the schoolmusical ‘Voor Kids Gaat De Zon Op’ at the ‘Klinkers’school in Tilburg (The Netherlands).
Out of 250 schools where this War Child musical is performed this year, the ‘Klinker’school had won a special premiere together with a red carpet, limosines, VIP guests and lots of media (7 TV crews were present!) The VIP guests were Dutch superstar Marco Borsato, famous TV host Albert Verlinde (RTL Boulevard), ‘Spangas’ actress Talisia and myself.
The musical is about a group of people who get involved into a wargame.
Once in the game they can’t get out and they have to work with the characters from the game to find their freedom.
The only solution to stop the war was to create a party so people would laugh and play with each other.
This concept, being played by such young people really got to me!
It’s great to see how War Child provides kids from non- war zones with knowledge of how blessed they (we) are. But the real focus is what War Child does in the places where war is still a part of the daily life. They make sure children can safely go to school and work on their futures. Teachers are trained and special activities are being held so kids can process what happened. Kids in war zones need special attention. War Child makes sure children learn, play and live life as a child should.
I was hounered to be part of this day!
this was an experience I will not likely forget anytime soon.
Do you wanna know more about War Child?
Please check out their website: