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Jeronimo’s message from Turkey

Posted by on april 13, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hello everyone!

As most of you know i’m currently in Turkey to shoot my new video: One kiss.

So i can’t always respond on Twitter but be sure i DOOO read them!!!

(jup i read em all!)

We’ve been having such a good time last few days searching for the perfect locations.
And when you search for something perfect, you’re lucky this happens….

We found an old woman on the side of the street with a lot of sheep so we got out,

cause i’m a HUGE animal lover and we talked to the woman.

When she saw we had a photocamera with us she insisted we’d take a picture with the youngest sheep.

And as i said looking for the perfect location might just get you lucky sometimes.

The next picture i wanna show is one of me sitting on the rocks.
We’d been driving for hours talking a lot about what we wanted the video the be like.
I just needed some time to think, so i got away from my team, climbed onto the rocks and just sat there for 20 minutes.
Listening to the sounds of the waves, the wind, the birds just, enjoying the moment, instead of doing so when i’m back home.


And even though i might not be much of a sea-swimmer i love the waters!
Just looking at it makes me happy.
And another thing that makes me happy, besides sour candy, chicken curry’s, Animals and the sun…!

I love harbours, the smells, the people, the cafe’s… So yeah,,, you can see where we’re going with this!


Btw, check out my youtube channel TheJeronimoChannel since i’ll be doing more with video!!!!!!

I love you all and hope you all are wearing smiles,..

Because this fella can’t be much more happier than this!!!