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London 1

Posted by on april 14, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

So it’s 5 a.m., and the phone rings. It’s Charly, my manager. “Jeronimo, I’ve made a mistake,” he goes. “Our plane to London doesn’t leave tomorrow, it leaves in six hours! So we’ll have to go immediately!” So that’s exactly what I did, as best I could being half asleep! I jumped out of bed, got in the shower and packed my luggage, then we ran to the airport, only to find out…


Due to weather conditions, our plane was delayed by three hours! Needless to say, when we finally did arrive in London, I was really excited. Not just because we made it there at last, but also because I haven’t been in years and really missed English breakfasts and my homeboy, Big Ben.

After we took a bus to Hyde Park — a bumpy 45 minutes — Charly suggested we do some sightseeing. Which would have been great, if only I hadn’t forgotten the map he gave me on the plane! You can imagine how helpful that was!

We still decided to go exploring, suitcases in hand, and try to find our hotel in the crowded streets. It took us two hours! The funny part was, it was only a block away. We’d been walking everywhere but in the right direction! We could have gotten a cab, of course, but Charly was sure the hotel was nearby — and he was right about that… we just weren’t right about anything else!

Actually, we passed the hotel on our search — like, four times! We just didn’t realize that was it! Crazy! Anyway, we finally got to drop our luggage in our rooms. “Wanna go out for dinner?” Charly rang me up to ask. As you can imagine, I was starved. But I’m almost always up for food regardless! Plus, I was pretty glad to get a chance to get out of the hotel since it looked like a haunted house!

So we changed into different clothes and hit the road again, this time tackling the London Underground! Oh, and since I am what you’d call stubborn, I decided I would lead the way. Bad idea! Never let me pick the place, because I’ll get us lost somehow! It’s like I’m trained for it.

Well aware of that fact, Charly challenged me to a game of cards, and the winner would get to choose the restaurant of the night. (We always play cards when we have spare time; it calms us down… or well, it’s supposed to! :P) This time, Charly won. But in spite of that, I decided I’d still take control of how we got there. For once, it went pretty well! We got London’s China Town and ate as much as we could handle. (It’s Charly’s favorite food, after all.)

Aaand that’s kind of all we’ve done so far! Funny, isn’t it? Like a dozen adventures, and I’ll just to, um, find the hotel and get to dinner. Haha! Be sure to check back in a couple of days! If I can find my way back to my computer, I’ll let you know what’s up!