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London 3

Posted by on april 14, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Back on my laptop! How did you guys like the photos we took? I’m still in London, but it’s my final day! Time flew by so fast! But at least we took some pictures, and I’ve seen a lot!

We’re spending our last day in Camden Town — the stables. It’s a “U gotta C it 2 believe it” kinda thing!

This was also, I believe, the funniest day of the trip. I slept all the way through breakfast, so I missed my chance to get a bite — horror!!! When Charly decided to wake me up and bang on my door, I fell out of bed (for real!). Great start of the day, that was! :P Thankfully, he brought me some food from the buffet so I could still eat, shower and get dressed.

Although we’d had very nice weather up until now, when I walked out of the hotel, it was windy and rainy. Just my luck! But hey, we’re in London!!! Nothing could bring me down! So when André arrived at the hotel, we left for Camden Town. It was really cool, because they’ve got these old stables that have been turned into a market. They sell anything — clothes, food, antiques, art, just everything you can imagine! (One day I’ll come back and see if they are selling my album!)

Anyway, by now you know the drill — if you have a sec, go and see my pictures and tell me what you think! (Please?) This was my last London day, so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!