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London 4

Posted by on april 14, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  


I’m on the boat back home. Which is weird, because I’m not seasick yet. Cross your fingers that maybe it’ll forget about me this time.

Anyway, it’s 3 a.m., and everyone is asleep. The only ones awake are a security guard and me. I tried to get some food, but apparently, security guards aren’t allowed to make passengers midnight snacks, dang it! I should have gotten some emergency sandwiches earlier.

And did I mention I’m bored? I am! So bored that I went outside and played with the elevators. I did everything I could to entertain myself, but even my iPod with Yann Tiersen on it isn’t amusing me. I tried meditating, too. Nada.

Why can’t I sleep during travel time? Playing cards all alone isn’t all that fun, and talking to myself just seems weird.

Looking out a window on my left, all I can see is black, so there’s not even calming view outside.

Oh, the security guard is back! He’s pretty funny. He gave me a soda, and we chatted about his career and children. He was trying to hook me up with his daughter, which was pretty funny since she lives in America. Anyway, we had fun, and thank goodness someone entertained me!

But it wasn’t all fun — he is clearly sneaky, as he took a picture of me when I fell asleep on one of the lobby sofas! Grrrr!!! Haha! Burn that picture.

Oh, I almost forgot about my videos! I made some while taking pictures. But my videocamera ran out of juice by the time my friend Mr. Security Guard wanted to hang out.

Oops… I’ve gotta go! We’re leaving this boat. And no seasickness — victory!