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Lots of reactions from Asia because of Cartoon Network

Posted by on juli 18, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hello my little fireflies! (and all other fans)
I’ve been so Busy i Hardly had the time to think!
Which in my case is a pretty good thing…
(I’m not much of a thinker)
But as some of you know, and for those who didn’t, Cartoon Network Asia has been broadcasting my song Í am no superman’ on their channel!
How cool is that?!
In many Asian countries people get to see my video because of Cartoon Network!
I’ve noticed a lot of people  started commenting on my videos! I’ve got many reactions from the Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, but also from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodja!
Thank you so so so much! It means the world to me when I read all your positive, love-filled comments!
I can’t wait to meet each and everyone of you!

But nooo that’s not all haha,
I’ve worked with Cartoon Network on a very special song, which Cartoon Network Asia viewers will know!
It’s the CN theme song, ‘It’s a fun thing’!
They’ve asked me to help write a song!
And I did and I’m proud to have collaborated with CN on such an inspiring, fun, truthfull, energetic (goes on for hours),.. Song.  Soon you can hear the long version of it, so watch out for that.

Anyway keep sending me tweets, messages on Facebook or comments on YouTube!
You guy’s are the greatesttt!!!!