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love makes all right lyric

Posted by on augustus 20, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

So call me baby,
when you’re all alone
nothing to call home
when you’re standing there with your hands in your hair
it feels so wrong,
please just call me baby
with me i promise you’ll be alright
no more reasons for you to cry
Love makes all right

I know you’re scared cuz you are your own enemy
don’t you worry you’re more
pretty than i’ll ever be
I know it’s hard since the mirror won’t let you see

my heart’s been stolen from the minute you walked up to me
for a second there my body wouldn’t let me breath
I know it’s hard but give a chance for you to see


I know the you that you broadcast for the world to see
but baby you and I can make  lovely history
cause baby we were ment to be together

can´t get enough of you
baby, nothing’s wrong with you
iIwant the world to see, Baby you belong with me
Just to see the beauty that we all see

Pre – chorus
you’re my shining star in the sky
I just love to see your smile
even if it’s for a while
you’re the girl I see in my dreams
Nowhere I would rather be
we can make this love worth while



Love, love, love
love makes all right
love, love, love
love makes all right