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Meeting The Jacksons

Posted by on november 25, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Off course I heard the epic stories from my manager Charly,
about how he worked with Jermaine Jackson in the past and how they scored this huge hit with ‘When the rain begins to fall’.
How Jermaine took him to one of the famous ‘Victory tour’ concerts in Los Angeles, and many more stories.
I always enjoyed listening to Charly’s stories, but it became very realistic when they were on the phone last week.
Talking about what they had been doing lately.
Jermaine invited us to come and see the show in Rotterdam, and bang..
I realized that I was going to meet some of the biggest icons in the history of popmusic.
So the next day we went to the Ahoy, the big concert venue in Rotterdam, straight to the artist entrance.
2 All Areas passes were waiting for us.
(with such a pass you can even walk onto the stage!)


First we walked around backstage till it was time to go and meet The Jacksons.
We went straight to the dressing room,.. THE DRESSINGROOM!!
And…wow… a few seconds later we were welcomed by Jermaine Jackson!
He introduced me to his brothers, and started asking me questions.
Somebody pinch me since I still can’t believe it.
I was talking to those legendary performers in their own dressing room!
Wait I already said that didn’t I?
See how excited I was!
Jermaine asked if Charly had a camera and before I knew the bodyguard was taking pictures of us with the brothers.
As the Jacksons had to get ready for the show, we went into the hall to see some of the others artists performing.
A 75 piece orchestra on enormous stage and another hero of mine was performing: Anastacia !

After her performance there was a break, so we went backstage again to get a drink.
There were 2 ladies standing next to me.
I didn’t really pay attention until one of them asked me if I could take a picture with her camera….It was Anastacia!
Ofcourse I got my picture with her too !
Back into the hall for the show.
We were standing right in front, between the audience and the stage when the show started again.
I must have had a smile ‘from ear to ear’ on my face. It was magic.
The Jacksons did several of their biggest hits and a beautiful respectful tribute to their brother Michael.
The audience (11.000!) loved it, and so did I.
After the show we met them again, Jermaine told me never to give up, and he gave me a big hug before we left.
Long story short,.. I had the most awesomest night ever!