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Mothers day

Posted by on mei 13, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

so yesterday was mother’s day,…!!!
what did you give your mom as a present for being the coolest?
unfortunately for me my mom and I were not together,
she was back at her place in france!
i did give her a call though!
but figured it did not mean as much as i wanted it to!
so here goes what i really wanted to say:
Dear mom,

Thank you so much for being who you are even though, at times, you can me crazier than me!
You’re always there to help out and make my life so much easier by just being a mom!
You’re funny, helpful, crazy, irritating(sometimes.. sorry got to mention it :P )loving, spiritual, guiding, creative, beautiful, spontanious, human,  and most of all,.. you’re you!
growing up, i know, i wasn’t the easiest person. being hyper active and spontanious as I was back than..
(i know i kind of still am) i’m not making you watch my horrible Luciano Pavarotti impersation anymore.
I no longer sit on your lap, I dont suddenly turn around and walk away from you because i saw something or someone cool, I dont nag about candy and i don’t start foodfights with my siblings anymore.

I don’t wake you up in the morning asking if i could watch tv, or if i can open a bag of chips for breakfast.
I don’t jump on your bed anymore everytime i have a nightmare. I don’t yell at you for not giving what i want (ok,.. i sometimes still do.. but in a sweet and loving way.. *uch uch* haha)
I don’t make up any stupid excuses for being late,.. like that time i said there was a traffic jam in our drive way… lol!
I don’t get send to my room anymore for using dirty words and come back coverd in toilet paper saying i was a mummie who prayed for your forgiveness.
i dont write silly little notes and slide em under the living room door saying either how sweet you were (when i needed something) or how stupid (when i didn’t get it) .. boy i was annoying myself! :P starting to grow up being you! anyway I dont live with you anymore and I didn’t give you anything for mother’s day!
But the most important thing i can give you is love, and mom,.. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!
thank you for everything..!
(btw, no you can not hold any of the above against me :P )
your son,



ok so thank you everyone for letting me share this! :D i hope you gave your mom a better present than i have this year!