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My life has changed !!!!

Posted by on augustus 3, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Okay, everybody, you might wanna make yourselves comfy… Maybe get a soda… Because this is going to be kind of a long blog!
But I have good reason to say a lot this time — I’ve been thinking. Haha — don’t look so shocked! ;)
Seriously, though, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the last six months and how fast and how much my life has changed. Back then, I was still going to school, just a regular goofy guy. And now, BOOM! Every day I wake up, and something new and amazing is going on!!! I can’t even tell you how often I have to pinch myself to make sure I really AM awake and not still asleep and dreaming!!!
For instance… Last weekend, I did six shows, including the one I did last night for over 5,000 people in Blankenberge, Belgium.
That would be crazy enough, right?
But then today, I was on a movie set in Amsterdam, shooting for a new Dutch film! And tomorrow, I will be in Germany recording a new song!
See what I mean?! :D
It’s like, I can barely wrap my brain around it. At the same time as I’m acting in a movie, I have in the back of my head the fact that my single is going to be released on the other side of the atlantic ocean… and you can’t even guess what’s next!!! **I** can’t even guess what’s next!!! Haha.
Oh, and did I forget to tell you? Being in six places at once all the time these days, I bet I did forget! “I Am No Superman” is now out in the US! Ultra Records has just released it!!!! How cool is that!!!! Little by little, we will build our army of Supermen and Supergirls until it is worldwide! Muahahaha!
Oops… I sounded like a mad scientist for a second there! Haha.
Anyway, this isn’t even what I’ve been thinking about so much, and all my thinking was the point of this blog, right? (See how easy it is to distract me!) What I’ve been thinking is, it wasn’t so long ago that I could count my free time in days or even weeks. Now it’s only hours, at most. It’s insane. But I 100,000,000 percent love it!!!
A big part of the reason why is that I love what I do — I’ve always wanted to sing and act and everything in between! So this is Cloud 9 time for me!
But even more than that, I love it because of you. Some of you I see at show after show), you send me the sweetest messages on twitter and facebook, and you scream when see me… out of happiness, I think, right? I don’t scare you? Haha.
No. I know how you feel, because I feel the same way about you. I am so, so, SO thankful to you for coming along on this crazy ride with me. My dreams are coming true, and the biggest, absolute best part of that is you. So THANK YOU!!!!!!
PS Wait ’til you see/hear/find out what’s next!!! Haha — you didn’t think I’d leave you without a little tease, did you? ;)