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my sunday

Posted by on mei 6, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

today i went out with my mother and sister and her kids!
yup! i’m an uncle of two beautiful kids one boy and one girl!
they are the sweetest little things running the surface…
i’m supposed to say so since i’m there uncle ;)
but there also two kids who have a mind own their own which, btw, i love!
unfortunately my nephew fell down the stairs…
big bloody mess and i had to pick him up!
he started to cuddle me and cry real hard when i picked him up!
just to be clear i was away of the stairs when he fell!
this was the first time he tried to go off by himself!
he normaly always wait for an adult to bring him down,

and when i’m around he comes to pick me up because he want to go up or down the stairs!
so it’s not like i’m the worst baby sitter ever!
he’s mom and grandma(my mom) were sitting right  to me!!!!!
anyway hes fine now after he spit blood on my shirt
-_____-” luckily it was a black shirt,..!
and after the fall he didn’t wanna let go of me!
it’s the sweetest little boy i know,…!
but it’s 1,5 years old so you never know what the future brings right ;)

I mean i’s family…. so i cross my heart hahah!
anyway i hope you had a nice day!
cause beside of the fall i had a very nice day in the sun, filled with drinks and ice cream! :D

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