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My vacation

Posted by on mei 7, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

I’m so sorry, everyone, that I haven’t posted a blog for a little while… But I had a vacation, and my mom came over from France to spend it with me! And it was great timing, too, might I say, ’cause we were celebrating the queen’s birthday!
So, in honor of her highness and my mom’s visit, we went out into the streets and had a lot of fun. Everyone was dressed in orange — some people even painted their hair orange (since it’s our national color… for those who didn’t know, hey, you learned something new today!).
Anyway, quick update…
I haven’t grown 15 inches, I’m still eating junk food, my hair is still black, and I still love to sing.
Haha. Just kidding… we’re going to have a busy summer! The keywords of the next few months for me would be: promotion, promotion, and what do you know? PROMOTION!!!!!
Check our “tour” page to see where I’ll be and when I’ll be there! (At this point, I barely know where I’ll be waking up on any given day! Haha!)
Anyway, I hope everyone has the same kind of weather that I am right now — sun, a refreshing breeze and clear skies! Now let’s get this party started!!!