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Posted by on juni 18, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

OW-JOW-JOW! It’s me, Jeronimo! Which I guess you’d probably figure since you’re reading this on my website. Silly me! Anyway, I’m currently on vacation, visiting my mother in France! Which seems like a miracle now since it took us such a long, long long time to get here. Why so long? you ask. Because for some reason — don’t ask me why, I have no idea! — we went by car! But… we made it!

And it was well worth the trip. Not only do I get to see my lovely mom, but I’ve gotten to hang out with some of our puppies! Ridiculously cute!!! The puppies, I mean, not me! You can see some pictures in — der! — the pictures section.

Then my mom told me about Mr. Shepherd-guy having pups aswell, so I jumped on my scooter to check it out. The pups we’re really young — I’d say a week and a half old; ours are like four weeks old! As I held the little pups and played with them, the other dogs got jealous! So I cuddled with them, too. But one of the dogs (as you might know, if you’ve seen the pictures) is as big as a dinner table! :P He’s our pups’ dad, and he’s HUGE!!!

<—- the dad of our puppies!!! huge fella rigght?
Now, I didn’t tell you all this just for nothing. My clue? READ and find out! I went home to see the pups, and the goats, of course! The dogs were really happy to see me, the goats, however, were not! One goat tried to bite my shirt (and succeeded!), and another one sneezed on me! Rude! Haha. What did I do wrong?! Was it something I said?

Anyway, that was my day so far! How was yours? I’ll tell you more when something happens to me! (Which is regularly, so don’t worry! Haha. You’ll see a new blog soon!)

* Still wondering why the goats don’t like me. *



WAIT! Maybe the goats DID like me!!! In fact, maybe they liked me so much, they could eat me… ! Nooo, I know, it doesn’t make sense! Worth the try, though! Got a better suggestion?

Love and peace,