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only a few more days..!!

Posted by on mei 14, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hello, Ola, Bonjour, Guten tag, Hallo!!!!


I’m very excited to remind you all, 25th of may,
my debut album: ‘One Kiss’ will be released in Belgium & The Netherlands.
I’m getting a lot of questions about the other countries,..

DON’T worry, i’ll make a list with the release date’s once I know them!

(or once i’m told,.. which is pretty much the same thing… I’m rambling again!)

As most of you, could, have seen, people write about me all over the world!

If any of you read this,…

TTTHHHAAANNNNKKK YYYYOOUUU, for all the kind words!

It always makes me so proud on what we’ve (fans and collegeau’s) have achieved already!

And thanks for all the funny tweets on my twitter,.. messages on facebook..

Somehow the rumor got out.. (oh you haven’t heard it yet?)

i’m supposably a vampire/werewolf,… let’s eliminate the facts!

1. I don’t turn at full moon

2. I’m not that pale,.. come on.. i’m latin!

3. I don’t drink blood

4. I don’t clean myself by licking my arm’s or legs.. (i’m not even that flexible,.. not that i’ve tried!)

5. I don’t sleep upside down,..


1. I do have fangs..!

2. I do like the dark!

3. I do like walking in the woods,.. barefoot!

4. I do howl, atleast three times a day

5. I do like wearing black


So you do the math! :P