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recording Z@PPdelict

Posted by on februari 23, 2012 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing?
Me? Oh I’ve been murdered today!
lol unfortunately I do not have a photo of my dead body,..!
oke let me explain this one because I see way to many confused faces!

I recorded a TV show today, which is called: ‘Z@PPdelict’. 
Every week a Dutch celebrity is the star in this children show, which means he will be killed (only on screen off course!).
Throughout the week the kids will get hint’s and suspects.
At the end of the week you can win a prize if you can predict who killed the guest star!
Well this week it was my turn!

Pretty exciting show right?!?! That’s what I thought!
It was weird though, I mean,.. It was weird dying!
The funny thing was that some 30 fans of me were also playing on the show.
So they saw me dying 8 or 10 times, hahaha

How did I die? Well I’m not going to spoil it you’ll see!