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Review flying solo(acoustic) + Fading memories

Posted by on mei 28, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

One of the first reviews has been posted online about both my new songs, ‘flying solo’ (acoustic) & my very own written ‘Fading Memories’.
Thank you so much Paul at Myfizzypop
“I for one am quite delighted at the swift return of Jeronimo. He’s barely exhausted his very fine indeed debut album of singles and yet here he is with a brand new track that will thrill his growing army of loyal followers and no doubt win him new admirers along the way. And what a media bunny he is – his last single, the mellifluous Firefly, featured on the soundtrack to The Battle and this new track, Flying Solo, accompanies a book called “Verliefd op alle 3″ by Maren Stoffels. Hopefully it’s the first sign of his next album too – because even as an acoustic track this song absolutely sparkles with pop ingenuity, melodic verve and an effortlessly flowing melody. Lyrically, it’s the tale of a young fella-me-lad who realises the wisdom in not getting (back) together with his paramour because he knows it just won’t work out. No seductive charm can persuade young Jeronimo otherwise :) However, this is no down beat tale of a love denied – instead it’s a positively frothy, percolated doing-what’s-best-for-me rallying call to arms set (in this acoustic version) to an utterly charming bubbling instrumental…. “
Read the full review here on the official link to the review: