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Weekend is almost over and I just wanted to let you know what’s going on here!
Haha, not that the weekend and my news are in anyway related!
Im working really hard in the studio on new material!
I’ve been writing like crazy, written about 70 songs now!
And I’m getting a lot of questions about it so I decided to try and answer some.

Writing songs is something really personal.
Everyone has a different way of writing so it’s hard to say what the best possible way is.
Lots of people start off with a lyric (the words of the song).
Others prefer to start off with a melody and some rather start with the instrumental.
Me, I prefer to write lyrics and melodies at the same time.
(So again, a different approach lol)

Several songs that I wrote have already been recorded,
and I promise you, it won´t be long for I will share them with you!! 

Where do I get my inspiration from?
This is gonna sound cliché but I find life itself a huge source for inspiration.
I can write about my perfect summer day, or about past love.
I could write about fights with my family, friends of even my own mental fights.
I could also just take a story someone told me and write a song about that.
I remember being in Paris, months ago and It was pouring rain for about 25 minutes.
I was taking the subway when this girl walked in.
Pretty girl btw but she was completely soaked and crying.
She sat alone, behind her was a drunk wearing, I’m not kidding, a barrette.
And in front of her a couple romantically cuddling and kissing.
This image, however sad, was so visually inspiring I could hear the soundtrack in my head.
When I got out I started writing a song about it.
So my advice is, keep your eyes and ears open, a song is always in the air.

How do you get your music?
I work with very talented producers and we always discus the song.
What I felt when I wrote it, what kind of feel we want it to have and how we are going to record so you’ll have the same feeling.

I hope I’ve answered the most important questions..
If you have any more questions please let me know on Facebook or twitter.
I’m only a message away ;-) haha