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Posted by on november 18, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

Yo i´m back! how have you been?
It’s been crazy in J-town lol, but i’m back in the sadle, ready to update you on my adventures.
Last weekend I had a show in ‘Studio Aalsmeer’ where i covered the song “little things” by One Direction.
Fans filmed it and posted it on Youtbe.
It’s so lovely to read your reactions to it!
I’ve sung this song before on the ‘Tinadag XL 2013″ event earlier, this september, but I did it with three other boys.
This was the first time I got to do the song all by myself.
And most of you may have seen a lot of tweets and messages on my facebook regarding ‘Teenbizz’.
And are probably wondering what it is!
Teenbizz is a weekly online show that we make, it’s about music, funny stuff, celebs, and challenges.

We invite dutch celebrities on the show and ask them to do somethings with us.
It varies from telling us what they’ve been up to and what they’re planning to do,
but it could also be that  they challenge me to do something..
That’s about it, but it’s super fun to watch.
We update everyone on what their favorite stars are doing on
The show and website are in Dutch FOR NOW,
but hopefully in the future we can start doing Teenbizz in english as well!

Hope everyone is well!