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Thank You for 2011 !!!

Posted by on december 31, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

I know it’s a little early but since you already started posting New Year’s wishes, thought I’d write you a little story myself. (I’m sorry for the people who are less educated on reading English written stories, but you can always ask your friends, parents or check some online translator to translate it back to your language.)

Anyway, here it goes, ready? no? pfff.. I’ll wait… ready? Set… wow you’re taking way to long for this…yes?! Can i start? YEAH! Here.. We.. gooooo!

I just wanted to say 2011 was a year full of surprises and happy moments.
Moments I will not likely seem to forget anytime soon.
I recorded my ‘debut’ album, which will be released in 2012.
I released my first songs; ‘I am no Superman’ which amazingly got sold worldwide!!!!!!
‘Somebody who loves me’ & now ‘I want you baby’.
BUT most importantly I’ve been blessed for us to have met.
Without you i could never have gotten this far! THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!
Also I have recorded my second movie; Mijn Vader is een Detective: De Competitie which will also be released in 2012.

I’ve received a lot of messages of people giving me love and support.
I’m considering myself more than blessed to be in this position and I’m hoping 2012,
will give me the chance to give back what you gave me!
Because of you I’ve grown not only as a singer, but also as a person and thank you for making me feel the way i do!
(I mean come on, hardly anyone laughs at my jokes… no seriously! I’ll need to pay them in advance lol!)

So here after this randomly way to long story of me talking about last year,
I’ve come to the point to give my wishes to you all! (yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!… Ok here it goes!)

I hope 2012 will bring you,
more love, more confidence, more smiles and laughters, more dancing, more party’s, more friends,
more beautiful moments, more joy, more support and a lot of more FUN!
You all are great people, with a lot of love! I mean come one! You thought i didn’t notice it right, right!
AAAH YOU WERE WRONGGGG!!! I did not only notice it, I felt it 2! haha lol!
So make sure tonight is going to be a night to remember because 2012..
is going to be our year!!!!

I love you all!