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Tina dag Wauw!

Posted by on september 27, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Tinadag! WAUW!
What a day! A lot of pink! In fact, I don’t believe I’ve seen so much ever before in my entire life!
But aside from the color, how was my day?
Let me tell you!
It started off with me signing my own singles in the ‘free record shop’ booth close to the stage! Most of you bought my single and asked me to sign it for you, which still makes my mind wobble! To think that I even HAVE a single, much less that you WANT it AND want me to sign it! Amazing!!!
After we took some amazing pictures, the moment (unfortunately) had to end, because I had to get ready and perform for you all!
By the time I got on stage, you were singing along to every song! EVERY SONG! There was even a sign with the lyrics — amazing times 100!!!
After performing and having THE TIME OF MY LIFE! I got to have a meet and greet with three of you in a pink limousine hummer! (More pink! Haha!)
I’d like to say to those three girls, by the way, I am so sorry — I didn’t know they didn’t have an air conditioner in the car! But we still had fun, got to know each other, talk to each other, ask each other questions…
After we got out of the car, I thought I vanished into the air to someday come back as rain… lol. But actually, it was time to sign autographs for the other fans!
That’s right — two autograph sessions in one day! How cool is that?! But this time, it was for an hour and a half, so everyone got the chance to get a picture with me in the bright sunlight and to talk to me! I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did! I got the silliest questions like: “What deoderant do you use?” and “What is your most embarrassing moment?” (The answer to that last question was “When you’re me, there’s nothing left to be embarrassed about! Haha — or everything!”)

I hope all of you had as much fun as I did!

Today (Tuesday) I’ll be in Putten recording a show with Monique Smit for the Kids Top 20! Don’t forget to vote for me pleeease on:
Much love!