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Videoshoot Cyprus

Posted by on april 21, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Hey, everyone! I hope y’all are fine! Because I am!
Well, I’m more than just fine! I’ve been taking my career to the next level…
“How???” you wonder. Well, we’ve shot the first official video for a song from my debut album — “I Am No Superman,” featuring Stay-c from twenty4seven!


And you’re not going to believe where we shot it — on the north side of Cyprus! What that means can be best summed up by the following four words: sun, beach, sea and flowers! You’ll have to check out the video to get what I’m talking about. (And you can do that by going to the video section of this website… Let me know what you think, okay?)

We left for Cyprus on the 6th of April and flew to Antalya, Turkey, to transfer. This is pretty much where the glamour started! As soon as we left the aircraft, Corendon staff members were waiting for us to collect our bags and load them onto our own mini-bus. We even had our private driver… How cool is that?!


But you ain’t heard nothing yet! I was tired and talking nonsense (as always) until our make-up artist said, “Are we there yet?” To her — and everybody’s — surprise, our driver answered that it was right around the corner!


My jaw dropped when I saw the hotel! My knees were shaking, and my eyes lit up. It was a five-star hotel, with full service. We didn’t have to take any luggage out, we just walked straight into the hotel towards the buffet — which is just as big as a small supermarket! FOOOODDDD!!!! Haha! And trust me! It was some gooood food, too! Need I say more??? Haha. I know I should, but I will tell you everything else in my new blog! In the meantime, I’ve gotta get some more food… As I mentioned, the buffet is huge! Right after dinner, we had to go to bed, because we had only four hours to get some sleep. Everybody was fast asleep (so I’ve heard the next morning), so apparently I was the only one who was too excited to shut my eyes!


The next morning, we had to get up at 4 a.m. to go to the airport. It was the shortest flight I’ve ever been on — 30 minutes max! The next suprise was waiting for us at the Cyprus airport… and what a surprise it was!!! Yunus, the local agent of Corendon Airways, was waiting for us with A WHITE LIMOUSINE HUMMER to take us to our hotel! You can imagine how excited we were and how much fun we had during the ride, feeling all big like VIPs!

But that wasn’t the only surprise — then there was the hotel!!! It was phenomenal! Complete Las Vegas style, with all the luxury and glamour. We got the keys to our room and took some time to freshen up while my manager was meeting the manager of the hotel.


In the room, there was this big two-person bed just screaming my name. I mean, come on! I hadn’t slept for 30 hours!!! But we only had 30 minutes to get ready to shoot the first scenes of our video! Dang!


Anyway, the weather was great, and we were all excited, and the staff of the hotel was really cooperative. So we worked for two days non-stop on this video! (You can see the results in our video section of the website… Hope you like it!)


And before I stop writing this autobiography-length blog, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is involved with this project! You have all been such an inspiration! And thank you, too, to all my lovely dreamers out there! I hope we will meet up soon, so you can tell me what you think of the video!