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When i’m gone (cups)!

Posted by on augustus 28, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

hello everyone,

My newest video has just been released on youtube: when i’m gone (cups) !

The song is a very old song,.. It started to become known somewhere around 1800 !!
I believe it was the first time recorded in 1931 by the ‘Carter Family’.

YEARSSS later… In 2009 the band ‘Lulu and the Lampshades’ combined the song “When I’m Gone” with a common children’s game known as the Cup game.
Anna Kendrick saw a video with the cups on Youtube and decided to perform it as her character, Beca Mitchell, in the 2012 film, “Pitch Perfect”.

And that ladies and gentleman is how i got to know the song!

I made it my personal goal to 1. learn the cup game and 2. sing while doing it.

This turned out to become quiet an obsession for me! I was hooked and wanted to record my own version of the song

I am very curious how you like my version of ‘when i’m gone (cups)’ and if you can do it as well!

Don’t forget to leave a comment beneath the video :D cause i’m very excited about what you think.

As you’ll see,.. i’m on a freaking boat! :P haha, after one kiss, i guess, i’m having a lot less trouble getting on it than before.
Still not 100% comfortable but it’s ok now,

Btw. for everyone living in the Netherlands or Belgium,.. dont forget to vote for me on the ‘Kids top 20′ website,.. and give ‘when i’m gone(cups)’ your golden star! note!!! you can vote several times! :D