Flying solo & Maren Stoffels

Posted in: Blog on april 17, 2013 signing Maren Stoffels her new book:
Verliefd op alle 3

What we are doing…? Well, yesterday i told you about a surprise i had right?!:P Well, Maren Stoffels (the girl in the photo) wrote a dutch book “verliefd op alle 3″. And she asked me something that, as far as i know, has never been done before. She wanted a soundtrack to go along with her new book and asked me to provide it. Lot of conversations, meetings, and boring stuff later… lol nah kidding,.. It all went very smooth and it was so much fun working with Maren. Did you know i’m on the cover of two of her other books aswell? “op blote voeten” but that’s just my […]

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Secret stuff

Posted in: Blog on april 16, 2013

I can´t say too much about it ofcourse cause if I did,.. It wouldn´t really be a secret anymore now would it Anyway, it’s very important you check up on my website tomorrow..! Why…? well there’s only one way to find out right?! It’s really hard not to tell but I am more than just confident,..that you’ll LOVE it! For multiple reasons! Anyway, if you wanna tell me something.. you can leave a message here below! or follow me on twitter… annnddd subscribe to my personal youtube channel!!!!!!!! Oops… I think I might just haven given you a free hint…

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most of you..

Posted in: Blog on april 15, 2013

It seems that some of you have already discovered a lot of the new site! which is absolutely fantastic! But have you also noticed the Facebook application down below? You can now leave a comment on my blogs, give me feedback, share you’re oppinion (i wrote that word wrong i know :P) “Like” it even! And we can all read each others comments! and another cool thing is, it’s not working yet but we’re working on it! in the bottom of your screen,.. in the left middle side… you see.. what? CHAT with Jeronimo! It will allow us to have direct contact with each other but also you and other […]

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new video online!!!

Posted in: Blog on april 14, 2013 screen shot Flying Solo

Just so you know! It’s almost ready for y’all! If gotten so many message’s about when i’d release a new song..! Well i haven’t posted the full version yet,.. just a part of the chorus! Just to get you an idea! ready?! [youtube][/youtube] can’t wait to hear your reactions! and yes I read my messages, email, tweets! so keep doing that! catch ya later  

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Justin Bieber

Posted in: Blog on april 13, 2013

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