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Award shows

Posted by on januari 18, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs  

I had such a fun and productive week this week!
I´ve been writing new songs, chilling with friends in the snow!
YEAH!! in the SNOW! it took a while but it´s finally here! a lot of snow!
even the canals are starting to freeze! meaning with a bit of luck..
we can go ice skating on the canals! :D that would be so much fun!
since i’ve never done it before and i’m not sure when the next opportunity will be,
I’ll make sure to make pictures or a small video :D so you can see me on ice haha.

Not just the ice has been putting a smile on my face, i’ve had the blessing to be part of two awards shows.
that’s not it, the two awards shows were on ONE day,.. in TWO countries.
The Netherlands and in Belgium!
In the Netherlands it was the Kids top 20 award show, which i was nominated for an award!
people in that country can see the results tomorrow on NL 3 – 11.30 – 13.30 uur:   10 JAAR KIDS TOP 20
i’ve had the chance to make some fun with other artist and kids! :D
but i wont spoil too much about the show, just watch it tomorrow! ;)
it’s a special show cause it’s duration is much longer than ussual 2 hours of fun!!! :D
be sure to watch it!

In the evening I got to go to Belgium for “Annes Vlaamse Muziek Awards”.
That was a,.. hmm,.. let’s just say i’ve rarely been so impressed by acts!
acrobats, poets, magicians, dancers and much more!
It was so well done, can’t wait to see it back on tv! :D
I hope all of you are well! :D