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Back from the Philippines!

Posted by on april 5, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

Maraming salamat Philippines, for this wonderful expierence.
Did my shopping mall tour in Manila, which I still have to post the pictures off!
Day after we did a promo tour by several  Radio stations, omg had so much fun there!
They totally have my sense of humor!
One guy even knew a Dutch word! :D since it wasn’t a polite word I wont repeat it.. for the young ones among us :P lol!
Anyway afterwards we went for a Jeepney ride and a Kalesa ride!
which I never have been on, so for me it was really special! Somebody else made a lot of picture of that event I’m sure he’ll send it as soon as he has the time for it!
I did post two (one blurry and one oke) photos on my facebook though:P.
anyway losing track here,.. I started out with thanking! :P
So lets get on with it! :P
Maraming Salamat dyna Music and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for all the support!
This has been such a cool, educative, magical expierence, one I will not likely forget anymore!
Seeing the flee markets, Fort Santiago, the bay side, the after dinner massage!
RIGGGHHHTTT,.. I am so sorry! After a long day,.. we had been invited to go out for dinner! :D
It was such a nice meal, I ofcourse had something spicy.. but ate wayyyyy to much rice since I didn’t.. what? Of you wanna know about the massage? :P haha I’m sorry!
yeah well I was getting to that,.. before you interrupted me! Haha, so afterwards we went to this massage salon about 9:30 PM and we had the most amazing massage,..
I didn’t  expect it cause it rarely happens but I fell asleep during it! :P well up to the point she was sitting on top of me! Like seriously on top of me.. lol it wasn’t the weight that woke me up .. as in trust me, if it were my girlfriend.. she had to gain some extra weight lol :P no it was the fact she pressured my lower back and bums! Trust me I did not see that coming! Haha
Anway we’re back home now!
Got my friends some souvenirs.. T-shirts, keychains you know..  the usual unoriginal gifts! :P

Even made a new friend on the plane back home :P no worries :P she’s too old for me ! :P
(hahaha, who am I kidding :P I’ll take my chances :P)

That was it for today, I will post some pictures asap and tell you everything about the situation on it!