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back home!!!

Posted by on juni 23, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

Bonjour! So it’s been two whole days since I wrote the ‘fete de la musique’ blog, and shockingly, a lot has happend!
For starters, I turned the world into a giant bowl of candy and all humans into lemon trees.
Oh, and all the animals can talk now!
Mmh… no? Was that all my dream? Oops. Sorry!!!
Anyway, I think I told you about the dentist the other day: He said, “Your teeth are in ‘perfect’ condition.”
To which, I answered, “HA! TAKE THAT MOM!” Not bad for a candy-addicted guy, huh!
But about ‘fete de la musique’… it was great!!!
Even though I’m afraid of heights, I went on a ferris wheel! (And I didn’t fall off. Whew!)
Other than that, it was awesome!
We were even photographed by a French newspaper after some fans recognized me!
AND that was about it.
Otherwise, you’ve seen/heard it all: the pups, me on the scooter, the dentist, ‘fete de la musique’! That was my vacation! 
I got back yesterday after a 12-hour drive! But I made it!
There and back again! And now I’m ready to hit the road again!
More and more things on my agenda every day. Lucky me!
Soooo check out my tour page to see where the party’s gonna be!
‘Til I see you there…

Love and peace,