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De deure Enschede

Posted by on oktober 28, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

What’s up?
Let me tell you! :)
Two days ago, I was in Enschede, which, in case you didn’t know, is in Holland. I got to do three episodes of the tv show “De Deure” hosted by Willie Oosterhuis! Not only that, but we taped the shows at the Fair in the center of the city.
“Cool!” you say? Oh yeah, it was cool — like seriously, it was freezing cold! And apparently I was the only one who thought so. I was FREEEEZING, and yet I was the only one who seemed to notice that it was like the North Pole! (Maybe my inner thermometer is broken?! Haha!)
Clearly, I was made for warm weather! I was born in Brazil, after all! Haha!
Anyway, after the first show, they wanted me to go on a ride, and as most of you know, I’m afraid of heights!
Guess what they picked?!
Yeeeah, a 50m-high booster!!! It has two arms which rotate and flip in the air!
I’m not kidding, my hands we’re still shaking half an hour after the ride! Haha! NEVER AGAIN!

But hey, at least I can say I did it! So I kind of overcame my fear… Or well, maybe not, since I’ll never do it again!
Thank God a lot of you guys came out and supported me out there in the cold! Warm smiles on a cold day… YES! That helped A LOT! :D
So, I wanna thank all of you for giving me that extra strength boost! (Maybe next time you’ll save me from the ride?)
I love you all to pieces, and I can’t wait for us to have so much more fun! And we will… oh, we will!
Oh! I almost forgot — we enter the Dutch charts this week! How cool is that!
I know I’m really proud of all of us, you, my team and everyone else who supports us, and hope you are, too!
And now — you know how I never know how to start a blog? Well, this time at least I know the perfect line to END the blog with!
You all are the people that make me smile — thank you all for all the sweet messages!
Love you all!