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fete de la musique

Posted by on juni 21, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

I woke up pretty late today, untill the heat burned me out my bed!
It´s about 33 degrees Celsius here so you can imagine!
Walking around barefoot, shirt off and an occasional jump in the pool.
But i´m not the only one who´s enjoying the pool!
our dog´s do too, one time i was laying next to the pool and the dog jumped in!
I was wet again but he came to say sorry lol!

Anyway i´m not trying to make anyone jealous, i was writing this blog to tell you….
I am going to the dentist today! :D yeah! a french one!
So when i get out everythings ok again, not that i have any complains or whatever!
And after the dentist i’m going to one of the big city’s here.
To enjoy myself some “Fete de la musique” (music festival here in france).
I’m going to try to make as many pictures as i can so you can see what i saw!
so you all know in my heart i’m taking you everywhere i go! :P
Well speak to you!